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مجموعه دوی پک ایران با هدف تسهیل و تسریع نمودن مراحل خرید بسته بندی های انعطاف پذبر ( اعم از پاکت های ایستاده زیپدار، سه طرف دوخت، دوطرف گست و… ) به عنوان سایت تخصصی و اولین فروشگاه اینترنتی این محصولات در ایران تاسیس گردیده است.

امید است به یاری ایزد منان و همچنین تلاش و پشتکار همکاران مجموعه، موجبات این امر فراهم گردد. همچنین از شما عزیزان که با حمایت خود از این مجموعه کمک به ارتقاء سطح کیفی و کمی خدمات وب سایت می نمائید، قدردانی مینماییم.

نظرات شما درباره ما

کیفیت چاپ 98%
خلاقیت در طراحی 92%
کیفیت پاکت سازی 97%
زمان تحویل پروژه 91%
ارزش دریافتی به ازای هزینه پرداختی 96%

everything about doypack

In 1962, THIMONNIER developed the concept and brought onto the market the advantage of the DOYPACK® flexible pouch technology. Since that time, we have constantly made progress in the technology to respond to the requirements of our customers.

At the first beginning, the doypack is used to pack juice, but now more than 1000 machines are in operation worldwide in the food processing industry as well as in the agriculture, cosmetics and detergents industries.

In one word, doy pack is the first choice in the flexible packing industry.

When the doypacks were born, it was just a plastic bag which can stand up. But the improvement of technical and Polyethylene makes the doy pack more competitive

What is the advantage of doypack

1)doypacks are stable and very easy to use.

2)Compare with glass bottle and metal can, doypack is made by a very easy process.

3)Low producing cost and reducing the space occupying

4)The doypacks can be used both on the aseptic producing line and un-aseptic producing line

5)Doy pack with different accessories can achieve different functions(Vacuum doy pack, doypacks with one way degassing valve)

The brand “DOYPACK” becomes the nick name of stand up pouches just like cola to carbonated drinks.

But there are still some differences, doypack is used in Europe and South American, but in UK and North American (native langue is English), stand up pouches is more common in oral communication

everything about doypack